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Full Version: Add-on: MCERemote missing from repository
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The following addon does not exist in the repo.  (Should be copied to the repo or marked as broken in the wiki.)

Here it is... http://mirrors.kodi.tv/addons/leia/plugi...mceremote/

and here in Kodi...


=== Edit ===
It is listed as Windows only in the addon.xml file.
(2019-07-02, 01:55)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]It is listed as Windows only in the addon.xml file.
Oh I see... and thats why it did not appear in the repo when running LibreELEC.  Then the wiki entry should include this information.  I would suggest something like this (in large bold print) so people cant miss it:


The reason it needs this disclaimer is that MCE remotes do work on other platforms, and LibreELEC has native support for it.  So I thought I could use this to configure it.
(2019-07-02, 09:17)MB32 Wrote: [ -> ]Then the wiki entry should include this information
Yes but only a couple of team members understand the chain of scripts, templates and bots to add the new field to the page, and none have had the time.

You make a valid point so I will add it manually though.