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Full Version: Bad jittery sound when playing back recordings via Kodi.
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HI All.
I have recently changed over to tv mosaic after using argus tv for many many years.
I was having alot of issues with argus tv where i couldnt even watch live tv but could watch recordings.
Anyway, I am loving what tv mosaic has to offer . I am currently on the free trial and if I can solve this issue i will purchase the software no question.
but, my problem is, alot of my recordings when played through kodi have really bad jittery sound. It may be for part of the show or it may go for ages.
If i play it directly through tv mosaic on windows the files play fine. This is on a htpc with the files being recorded on the same pc.
Please help. All I want is a rock solid tv recording sofware that i can play flawlessly through kodi.
I have got 2 kodi boxes so i can watch my recordings in any room but at the moment all i get is frustration with the sound playing up.