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Full Version: sonos integration to Kodi
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Hello all

I need to further develop my media solution

I am planing to add speakers to one of my laptops i use in a room and i am considering sonos speakers to be paired with that speaker. I trowelled the forum and i found old threads on this subject that may or may not apply to the current environment. Kodi 18 is installed on this laptop. This would be a test for this solution

I have
1 HTPC that is channelled via a stereo system Mostly used to listen to music
1 new HTPC that i would build a 5.1 environment ( next spring) mostly used to watch video
2 laptops one (the one mentioned here above) to listen to music and a second one which will be used for Music and video

Is the integration of sonos play3 possible ?
if So

Thank you for your responses