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Full Version: Onkyo Remote repair.
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If your remote doesn't respond well, check if the the signal is being sent. In my case the remote of the Onkyo has an LED light on button press. Of course mine didn't lite up, and on investigation found a new 'exact' replacement would be over $100 CDN. Amazon listed a few cheaper varieties without the same function for less, I use this remote for not only the AVR but switching sources etc so I was keen for either a repair or exact replacement.

It appears the contacts of these rubber buttons have some sort of conductive ink that wears, heavy usage brings this symptom, manufacturer suggest replacement.  

I found most DIY repairs involved $30 kits, or some conductive paint. I chose the cheapest option 'aluminum foil ' from the cupboard. The glue I use didn't hold up under this summers heat, and I had to do it over again, but this time I took pictures.

All is working proper again.