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Full Version: "Playing" OSD won't go away
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Ok, so I reinstalled Kodi on the in-laws' Chromebox after somebody screwed something up.
Simple Libreelec Jarvis build (since they are still using SMB shares with Windows 7).
Everything was working fine all morning.
Now when I a show starts, Confluence has the "Playing (time code)" bug in the upper right corner and nothing will make it go away.
I can't get a debug log right now, because, in-laws.
But if anyone has run into this, I would appreciate the help.
This is beyond WAF into Boomer Acceptance Factor.
A screenshot might help reveal what it is.
Here's a pic of the screen, instead of a screenshot.
Confluence osd https://imgur.com/gallery/33zXDAt

Thanks. I will move your thread to the Confluence forum and somebody with knowledge may be able to help.
Thanks. It's been coming and going all evening.
That should never appear like that, something is screwed up with the install. We will need a debug_log (wiki)
That's what I was afraid of. I wasn't able to get a debug log before I left. They will just have to deal with it until the next time I visit, probably at Christmas.