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Full Version: [Estuary Mod V2] Missing Time Remaining on the home screen
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Here is a screen shot:


I did make some modifications to the XML to remove the extra stuff like surround sound since it looked very busy. Did I accidentally comment the wrong thing out?

The same problem. Missing time indicators. Kodi 19 / Linux Mint. No problems on default skin.

Same problem Kodi 18.3 , Estuary Mod V2 , Nvidia Shield, searched everywhere , posted on general support android forum no luck... I did not edit anything , it was working back with Krypton and Estuary Mod V1

The only information i found was this reply from Guilouz back in 2017
Hi mates

After playing fo a while with the skin settings I found what the problem was in my case , it was a color adjustment problem.... I should better say a lack of color selection .

I had in Settings / Skin / General / Show Media Flags / Media Flags Color the media flags color set to none , if you set it to skin default or any other color the information shows back in the flag.

The symptoms are kind of misleading , they do not look like a "color adjustment" problem as all the other flags do not seem to be affected. Which also brings another question to mind , why do we have as an option for media flags color none??
Solved. Media Flags Color set to default.
Correct! I just figured it out today and was going to post.  Thank you for posting a solution.  I must have selected it by accident.