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Full Version: Adding support for Atmos, TrueHD and DTS:X, DTS-HDMA audio only .mka files
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In Kodi 18.3 there are currently two issues (getting .mka files into the music library and playing bitstreamed codecs) that can be solved now for MKA files with these two hacks:

1. Getting Kodi to Playback bitstreamed Atmos, TrueHD, DTS:X and DTS-HDMA audio only:

Add a new text file to Kodi's userdata folder:

File named: playercorefactory.xml

File contents:

<player name="VideoPlayer" audio="true" video="false">
<rules action="prepend">
<rule filetypes="mka" player="VideoPlayer"/>

This file tells kodi to use its video player to play mka files, meaning the audio track is bitstreamed to the AVR. Its video player can handle bitstreaming everything. Restart Kodi after adding the file.

Thanks to @jjd-uk for this workaround

Note: This won’t be required with 18.4 release as a fix is coming.

2. Getting Kodi to Import MKA Files into its Music Library:

Create an CUE file containing the album files: Example:

TITLE "Kick 30"
FILE "01. Guns In The Sky.mka" WAVE
TITLE "Guns In The Sky"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "02. New Sensation.mka" WAVE
TITLE "New Sensation"
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "03. Devil Inside.mka" WAVE
TITLE "Devil Inside"
INDEX 01 00:00:00

I've added a new tool to Music Media Helper (MMH) (see stickies thread here in Music sub forum) to Split MKV files containing chapters and convert to individual .mka files.

I've modified MMH's Tag and Rename tool to support MKA files and auto-creation of CUE files based on the MKA file names and its tags.

NOTE: MMH wont tag MKA (yet), use free MP3TAG to do that.
Nice to see that workaround is working, hadn't tried it and never even used a playercorefactory.xml myself so gave the example code blindly.

Description is not quite right, the music PAPlayer already supports DTS-HD and DTS:X from v18.3 so the workaround is only needed for TrueHD and Atmos. However as there's no way to filter on audio codec so all mka have to be sent to video player.if you have Dolby or a mixture of Dolby & DTS stuff.
The TrueHD/Atmos fixed has now been added for v19 and once backport for v18 has been added by @DaveBlake it will be available in v18.4 nightly builds.