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Full Version: Volume Change is too distracting
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Love everything about this skin. There is only one issue and it's when you change volume.

When you change volume, the whole UI info shows up which is very distracting when you need to change the volume several times during a movie.
Especially if you depend on reading subtitles.

It would be great if like all the other skins, when you change volume, only a small icon like a circle show up and not the entire player interface.
How are you controlling the volume because that's not how the volume works.
That's how it works in Embuary. 

No need to write the same request on different boards. I will add a optional setting to change this behaviour.

Thank you.

Hitcher I control the Kodi volume by a Kodi remote or by keyboard + -.
(2019-07-13, 07:24)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]How are you controlling the volume because that's not how the volume works.

Hitcher, yes there are things in Embuary that don't follow the standard behavior of Kodi interface.
One is volume change and the other is Info menu which I mentioned in the Emby forums months ago and got people upset.

For example the info screen during playback obstructs the whole screen and does not show the progress bar. I can live with that but the volume thing is not practical at all.
Sorry, I was checking new posts and thought this was the Estuary thread.
The new version on my repo has this option included. Settings -> Embuary -> Playback & Media -> "Hide player OSD during volume change"
Thank you very much. I just tested it. It's a lot better. A lot. I was using Titan, now I go back to Embuary. I think you might even want to enable it by default.

My personal preference would have been less intrusive, without the gray rectangle. Titan gives you a menu with 4 options to choose for the volume style. If you want to have more options for your skin, maybe you can add more styles for the volume if you want.
Sorry, nope to default and not redesigned. 
I only added the option, because you said it will cause issues with subtitles. I usually agree with request, if they will help others in the a similar or same situation. Or if I think a lot of users will benefit of something. But personal preferences won't be added. I cannot bless everyone and I'm not someones personal skinner (don't get it wrong. nothing personal. just my own rule to not loose the fun on the project)
I understand. Thanks for the addition again.

Just talking about the volume in general, it's not a personal preference or anything. All skins use just a volume icon. Maybe there is a reason for that. What is the purpose of showing the whole UI when you change the volume in your skin? I can't think of anything useful for anyone.