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Full Version: Please add full HDR and Dolby Vision Support to next kodi major Version
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(2021-04-26, 11:25)jjd-uk Wrote: [ -> ]News progress on what exactly?

Windows and Android have full HDR10 support.

Android has a community build adding Dolby Vision support, Dolby Vision is not possible for any of the other platforms currently.

Thank you

Was DV i was specifically intrested in.
(2020-09-09, 00:03)hoppel118 Wrote: [ -> ]playercorefactory.xml

<player name="ExoPlayer" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
<rules action="prepend">
<rule video="true" player="dvdplayer">
<rule filename=".*DV.*" player="ExoPlayer"/>

I've tried this config but it was not picking a similarly-named subtitles file placed in the same directory. I had a look at the source code and as far as I understood it a subtitles file should be prefixed with "subtitle_uri". Did it work for you this way?

Thanks a lot!
Sorry, I didn‘t use this exoplayer method very long. Can’t help you with the subtitles.

Did you try this build?


Regards Hoppel
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