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Full Version: How can I add rating to the Shift viewtype?
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How should I do to add rating, ie "Rating 6.1 (11,647 votes)" and "Rated: Rated PG" down to the right among time, sound format and resolution?
Rated: Rated PG" down to the right among time,
the way i did it was in Includes.xml

look for <include content="MediaFlag">

<include content="MediaFlag">
                    <param name="texture" value="$INFO[$PARAM[infolabel_prefix]ListItem.Mpaa,flags/Mpaa/,.png]" />
                    <param name="visible" value="!String.IsEmpty($PARAM[infolabel_prefix]ListItem.Mpaa)" />

you may need to unpack Textures.xbt in to media folder
or https://kodi.wiki/view/Path_substitution

<param name="texture" value="$INFO[$PARAM[infolabel_prefix]ListItem.Mpaa,Path_substitution/,.png]" />