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Full Version: Video crash from SMB server across devices
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So I've used Kodi for a couple years with no issues playing files from a connected USB drive as a source on a RPi 3B+. I recently expanded my setup to host my files on a raspberry pi 3B+ NAS using OMV and sharing a common library across a couple of RPi's running 18.3 as well as my MacBook Air also running 18.3. Media is shared using SMB and the IP address of the server through Kodi. I've encountered an issue where m4v files I encoded using handbrake from DVDs I own play for about 10-15 minutes then crash. I had no prior issue playing these files when they were sourced from an attached USB drive, nor do I have issue playing them over the network when I use VLC on my Mac. The crash happens at the same playback time whether I am watching on one of the RPi Kodi clients or my Mac. On a related note, I had no issue playing back a VIDEO_TS rip using this network setup. Link to the log from my Mac, hence the post in the Mac support.

wecovobope.kodi (paste)

Any help is greatly appreciated.