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Full Version: Support to setup Embuary Skin
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I would just like to start by saving i really like the Embuary skin!... especially the Blex skin setting!

I have all my libraries setup & live PVR (using DVBViewer) and hoping I can get some help with the following things..

1) Adding colours to my EPG timeline - All i want is to really do is highlight 'movies' as a coloured genre in the EPG.

2) Getting artwork & other metadata for my recorded TV shows & EPG. I have my recordings setup in 'folder' structure by 'series' and wondering whether its possibly using a skin helper service to get posters, banners, backdrops... etc for my recorded shows? I was looking at 'skin helper service' last week, but not familiar with how to edit code etc to get this fully functional? (i really need a dummies guide or video tutorial)?

3) Is there any way to edit the skin so i can have TV recordings shown as: Show -> Season number -> episode numbers (in correct order)?

Any help appreciated.

Im not sure whether this extra info is relevant or not:- Im using Kodi on 3 x Amazon Fire TV boxes, so presuming to edit any files i would need to 'pull' the associated files off the Amazon box, make edits / add files etc and re-upload?

Thanks again for the great work.
1 -> Not supported in the skin
2 -> No to skin helper service. Leia stores his own thumbnails for recordings, if the backend provides it and the EPG data had this information (TV Headend 4.3< for example)
3 -> Not supported by Kodi. Only by name,date,duration and filename