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Full Version: Kodi crashing on startup
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I've been running 18.3 solidly on a 2018 MacMini for a few months then today I noticed it had crashed and continues to crash when restarted. It seems t load fine, begins a scan of the video library (which I have set to run on start up) then BOOM!

The kodi.log is here and the macOS crash log (2.3mb) is here.

Any suggestions gratefully received! Smile
It seems its happening because of a TVDB issue.. Turn off auto scan and it should stop it from crashing, it seems to fix the issue on PC from what I have read.

345915 (thread)
Some more details in this thread and also this one if you have update on start-up enabled (how to turn it off if Kodi won't get to the GUI).
Both - many thank, much appreciated! Pulling the 'metadata.tvdb.com' folder out of addons was sufficient to stop the crashing. I'll follow updates to the issue on TheTVDB scrapper issue in the other thread.

Have a good weekend, guys.