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Full Version: What is my best choice?
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**All Kodi is used for is playing videos from NAS drives and NOT online streaming**

For years my Dad was using a Raspberry Pi for Kodi and for the most part it worked ok with minor occasional stuttering, he has bought a Sony 4K TV and has been running the Kodi app, whilst all his 1080 and 4K files seem to play flawlessly some of his old movies have audio sync issues. I’ve looked at some of these files and the seem to have mp3 audio.

All I’m wanting is a box to boot up to Kodi and will handle all his files with no issues, what are my best options?

Kodi - literally Plug N Play with dedicated after sales support = Vero 4K+
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DIY Kodi Leia = AMLogic S922X like the Odroid N2 or new S905X2 and then run CoreELEC Kodi on them, also buy a Wireless remote like a MINIX A2 lite or WeChip g20: