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Full Version: script.embuary.info - get TMDb data - the little ExtendedInfo brother
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Embuary Info Script

This script provides skinners the option to call The Movie DB for actor and video infos.

Region, language, API, caching settings:
  • The script already comes with a own TMDb API. For more information you can add your own OMDb API key to get Rotten ratings, etc.
  • I've implemented my own translation fallback rules, because the TMDb API doesn't include a working and good fallback solution. It always tries to find the preferred data based on your config.
  • To reduce the API requests fetched data will be cached for 14 days (for widgets only 3h). This can be disabled in the script settings.

Supported Kodi versions
  • Leia / Matrix

Context menu add-on
With the optional context menu add-on it's possible to use this script in all skins.
  • Available on my private Kodi repo
  • In the Kodi Repo once it has been reviewed. Available in the Kodi repo

Wiki / documentation
Please take a look at the readme and shipped .xml files of the script for reference.

Examples of calling the script
  • RunScript(script.embuary.info,call=person,query='"Bruce Willis"')
  • RunScript(script.embuary.info,call=person,tmb_id=65)
  • RunScript(script.embuary.info,call=tv,query='"Californication"')
  • RunScript(script.embuary.info,call=movie,query='"Iron Man"')
  • With string + year: RunScript(script.embuary.info,call=movie,query='"Iron Man"',year=2000)
  • With IMDb number: RunScript(script.embuary.info,call=movie,external_id=tt12345)
  • With TVDb number: RunScript(script.embuary.info,call=tv,external_id=12345)
  • Season with TVDb number: RunScript(script.embuary.info,call=tv,tmbd_id=65,season=1)

Shipped widgets (also available by browsing the addon)
  • plugin://script.embuary.info/?info=trending&call=movie&get=week = trending movies
  • plugin://script.embuary.info/?info=movies&call=upcoming = upcoming movies
  • plugin://script.embuary.info/?info=movies&call=now_playing = now playing movies
  • plugin://script.embuary.info/?info=movies&call=top_rated = top rated movies
  • plugin://script.embuary.info/?info=movies&call=popular = popular movies
  • plugin://script.embuary.info/?info=trending&call=tv&get=week = trending shows
  • plugin://script.embuary.info/?info=tvshows&call=top_rated = top rates shows
  • plugin://script.embuary.info/?info=tvshows&call=popular = popular shows
  • plugin://script.embuary.info/?info=tvshows&call=airing_today = shows airing today
  • plugin://script.embuary.info/?info=tvshows&call=on_the_air = shows on the air

Help to translate the script into your language!
Translate on TransiFex

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I have not tested any implementation with your plugin, but to get them working as they should you have to provide listitem properties to your listings:

- ListItem.Property(id) = The Movie DB ID, required for tv, movie and persons.
- ListItem.Property(call) = 'tv', 'movie' or 'person' which represents the type of the listitem. If it's an image you can use 'image' and it should be openend in the fullscreen viewer.
Thanks, hoping to have time to give a test later this week.

EDIT: @sualfred Couldn't wait lol.

When you say 'All available information of the called person' what exactly do you mean and how do we get that info?

I've tried things like this -


Got it, thanks.


Works perfectly.
Err, there is no "Born". I assume just a copy/paste issue, but to prevent confusion to others: 


Didn't take too long to modify script-script.extendedinfo-DialogInfo.xml into script-embuary-person.xml.




Any thoughts on opening up a slideshow when clicking on an actor image instead of using script-embuary-image.xml to show just one?
I did that at first, but I was facing a memory bug that affected <focusedlayout> items. I'll take a look at it again.

Please let me know if you are facing any issues or Python errors so it can hit the repo soon.
(2019-08-05, 22:48)sualfred Wrote: [ -> ]I did that at first, but I was facing a memory bug that affected <focusedlayout> items. I'll take a look at it again.
I see that ExtendInfo uses script-script.module.kodi65-pictureviewer.xml for the actor slideshow if that's any help to you.

(2019-08-05, 22:48)sualfred Wrote: [ -> ]Please let me know if you are facing any issues or Python errors so it can hit the repo soon.
Nothing so far, it's all good. Will test on my main setup later and report back.
Thanks, I know about his pictureviewer. It's basically the same like I do. I just had issues with another stack of the same images object. Totally weird one. Anyway, I'll give it another try. I would prefer a slideshow, too.
Do I have also here to take care of this problem i have with ExtendedInfo+Artwork or does it work completely different without this problem?
You always have to deal with those things.
Great work again.

In my skin can scroll through the actors while in the library. Would love to be able to show the bio details if possible beside the image of each actor while scrolling through them like below

This script has it's own window. There is no way to access any information outside of them. This is not a new skin helper service.
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