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Full Version: $INFO[Player.CacheLevel,,%] showing wrong info when <memorysize> in use
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I edited DialogPlayerProcessInfo.xml so i can keep an eye on buffer usage.

im using $INFO[Player.CacheLevel,,%] to display the current buffer levels but noticed when i start to play with <memorysize> via advancedsettings.xml the number being returned by $INFO[Player.CacheLevel,,%] no longer make sense, as least from what i can put together. 

Are there other buffer details being past to the UI in estuary that i can edit into DialogPlayerProcessInfo.xml? perhaps Cache status in MB not %?

Is there a better forum for questions like these?
It is an advanced question that most people won't understand, so just need to wait for the advanced members or skinners to see it.

Bump it again in a few days, then I will move to the Skinning Development section if there are no responses.
All I know is that it's a value from 0-100%.
it's unlikely any skinner would be able to answer the question.
if you believe it's a bug, you can file a report here: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/issues
ok will do, any idea if there is more information available at the Estuary level? As good as % buffer is, i can do much better refinement with actual MB used/remaining...