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Full Version: Artist Slideshow - Fallback Problem
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I don'T know if it is supposed to work, as i expect...

but i thought, if I play a song from an artist that is not recognized by any online database, and that has no extrafanart stored on my system, it should fallback to the standard fanart.jpg image that is in the artist folder.

I'm using NVIDIA SHield, so android. currently android Pie.
I got my library on a NAS, structured like this:

Music/Artist/Album/Title - everything is tagged, most of it including the MusicBrainzID

but as i said, some of the artists i listen to, will not be found there. that is fine with me, as long as, in that case, it falls back to the fanart.jpg inside each artist folder.

is there a way to get it working like that?
In the AS settings go to SLIDESHOW section, look for the option INCLUDE ROOT LEVEL FANART.JPG, and enable that.  That will copy the fanart.jpg into the extrafanart folder.  That's not, strictly speaking, a fallback, but if there is no other artwork at least that one should be displayed.  I honestly can't remember if I ever tested that code with an artist with no other artwork, but I think it'll work.  If not, let me know.

P.S. to the mods.  You might just merge this with the AS support thread.
thank you. that works for me.