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Full Version: Need Help - configuring Internet Archive ROM Browser on Linux computer
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I am trying to use Kodi as a retro gaming machine.

I need some help configuring the  Internet Archive ROM Browser on my Linux (Lubuntu) computer.

Background information

I am following this tutorial - https://www.howtogeek.com/261169/how-to-...with-kodi/

I am working on 'Step 2' and have got to the part that says "you can now tell the add-on where your RetroArch executable is. Select “RetroArch App Location”, then browse to your RetroArch folder and select retroarch.exe."

As I am on a Linux system I don't have a retroarch.exe file

Question / TLBig GrinR

Where is the RetroArch App location in Linux?
(2019-08-08, 17:06)idoki Wrote: [ -> ]..
Where is the RetroArch App location in Linux?

Don't use that as your setup guide. Use the official wiki for the addon located here.