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Full Version: Xonfluence (Leia v18.x & Matrix v19.x) (Krypton 17 = deprecated)
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I have a question.... possibly stupid question:
Whit this Xonfluence (i thinks an alternative to stock confluence) it's possibly to be back to set "Media-Info" in latest Youtube Addons ? On Official Youtube Addons i have read the currently skin need to be fixed to support back this type of view....... what's the situation here ?
This issue has already been raised with Helly. Please be patient.
Running latest version, and I cannot change the background type on an menu except weather.
Under scripts, I have turned on enable fanart script
(2017-01-27, 00:34)Robdogbird Wrote: [ -> ]
(2017-01-26, 10:13)beercajob Wrote: [ -> ]
(2017-01-26, 01:17)Robdogbird Wrote: [ -> ]Could you post a screen shot of the place you are having trouble? Where you want to hit ok but cannot? I think I had same issue, pic may confirm.



After you double click IP music favorite does it return you to window where you selected custom widgets - favorite? If so, do not click cancel at that point, navigate back the same way you would if you had opened movies genre scifi. I use fire tv so not sure what keyboard equivalent is but you need to step back from window where you initially clicked custom widgets - favorites without clicking cancel. When you do, you should see the link address pop up. Let me know if you still have trouble

does not work
(2017-01-21, 18:32)Robdogbird Wrote: [ -> ]Hello,

Love the skin! Hands down best customization I've found!

I followed the super favorites widget issue and dont think my trouble was addressed there, I use custom widget favorites link for my trakt tv shows through ex----, works beautifully. For movies I use custom widget favorites link to people watching in ex---- also great, large home widget setting on thumbnail images work.

My problem is with custom widget from selected favorites thumbnail images. It comes when I use custom widget link to kodi favorite from super favorite. Thumbnail images dont show up in the widget. They show up when opened as super favorite and when I open the kodi favorite. I've manually added thumbnails to some super favorites and they still dont show up in the widget.

Similar trouble with custom widget thumbnails not showing up with kodi selected favorite links to 24/7 Shows in cCl--- addon and NES top 100 in Internet Archive Rom Collection Browser addon.

I'm running Kodi 17 RC (build kodi-20170115-5103bf7-Krypton-armeabi-v7a) , Xonfluence 3.3.15. and essentially having trouble with custom widget thumbnails that I didnt have with Kodi 16.1. Any suggestions?

Related screen shots: Can Send If Needed

I am having same issue for skin on kodi 17.0. Images are not showing for certain addons. All I see is puzzle icons. Link however does work. Secondly, creating widget using favorites does not work also. Love the skin though been using it for a long time.
(2017-01-24, 04:06)CellarDoorTV Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Helly,
I am not too sure if Xonfluence Jarvis/Krypton supports animated weather icons and I was wondering if it's possible to add resource.images.weathericons.animated or Weather Plus to Xonfluence skin?
Could you tell me what I should do to make the animated weather icons compatible with this lovely skin please?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks mate.

Does anyone have any information about this?
Thank you.
I've been using this skin (or it's predecessors) since Eden. It's great, but I have been manually doing a small mod locally after every release.
Simply put, I enhance the full screen video info page so it also shows how much time is left in the playing video. The endtime is great, but I really don't want to look at the page and say to myself, it ends at 14:25 and it's 12:37 now so that's in XX minutes.

The progress bar I use now has at the end the remaining time and the total duration, in the format -22:37/43:36 for example.

I tire of repeatedly doing this. If it's OK I can do the change or provide a diff. Let me know.

Hi all,

The skin is great but i have a few questions.

1. The video osd when you pause and you have the bottom section wehre it say the chapter codecs and image of cover, how can i get rid of the top Part where it has pause and chapter info.
2. I cannot enable the fan art script t is greyed out.

Im using krypton libreelec .

Thanx in advance
Is the next episode and date info that shows at the bottom of the screen when you are navigating your TV show library a new feature? I swear I've never noticed this before and I've been using this skin for quite a while now.

If it's new, it was an awesome idea!

Very cool to quickly see what the upcoming episode is called and the time and date that it is airing.

Edit: okay I see it's called "enable TV show next aired" in the skin settings. Maybe it is not a new feature and I just happened to enable it recently and forgot. Either way, awesome!
Is anyone else getting their message deleted? i posted twice and it keeps being removed for some reason with no reply
Hi Helly,

So i think i might be asking this wrong so let me post this and change my words a bit.

I am trying out kodi 17 and using your updated xonfluence skin. I am trying to add shortcut links to the submenu. For example lets say i am using my own personal addon and i am in the tv section and in genres. I want to link action, cartoons, family, comedy ect. I go to the skin settings and i go to the submenu area and i select submenu 1 and so forth. The path i take is video nodes, addon, name of my addon, ect ect. I find what i want to link and its done.

When i go to the menu and click down to the submenu, i see all the links on the bottom and they open up just fine. My problem is, when i click the back button, it doesnt go back to the main menu like how it use to on 16.1. What it is doing, it backs up to the addon main menu and then i have to click back again to go to the kodi main menu bar. Any fixes on this or am i doing something wrong?

Thanks again
i fixed the point 1 out in regard to the double pause in the osd.

But cannot fo the life of me get the fan art script to work do i need to down,oad a plugin to make it work like the next aired scriptHuh If so what is the script called.
(2017-01-22, 07:09)Robdogbird Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry about that, and thanks for the chance to adjust! Is the change OK?
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Hi, Awesome skin. I just upgraded from CCM Helix. I like the widgets on the home screen. Is there anyway to hide the text/titles on them? I feel like Ive tried everything.
Hmm, on Krypton version im getting puzzle pieces in widgets instead of the thumbnails, Why? For example I made a widget for Video addons, but just shows puzzle pieces. The links do work though. Any thoughts?