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Full Version: Xonfluence (Leia v18.x & Matrix v19.x) (Krypton 17 = deprecated)
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(2015-11-22, 16:53)Dc0de Wrote: [ -> ]2)I can create custom menu links to Video addons, Music addons. But there doesnt seem to be an option of linking to picture addons on a custom menu. I know there is a link under the standard Pictures menu item.


I checked the behavior and I am able to link every addon on a custom menu. Can you maybe explain in more detail what you mean?

(2015-12-06, 21:09)Newbie_from_NJ Wrote: [ -> ]The only other setting issue I have is under Skin settings/General/Home Screen Options/Default focused menu item

I set a specific menu item, but it doesn't work. After reboot, it shows a different menu item than the one I selected.

Any ideas?


I cannot reproduce this behavior on my system. However the current implementation doesn't work if kodi doesn't start with Startup.xml. I changed the implementation for 3.2.0 (Jarvis). I hope it works on all systems from this version on.

(2015-12-07, 07:29)Newbie_from_NJ Wrote: [ -> ]Here's a weird one for you. I've noticed that the Volume under Audio and subtitle settings keeps defaulting to -16.0 db

anyone else? I've already defaulted 0 db last night. Checked again today and noticed it was back to -16.0 db. I can't notice a difference between the two tho.

I cannot reproduce this. But I'm sure it's not a skin thing but internal Kodi.

(2015-12-08, 02:36)dc3hawaii Wrote: [ -> ]i'm having some problems with popup boxes not appearing. It has the words but no box or buttons.

anyone else having this issue?

Never seen it. Did you try to restart the system? Otherwise check your logfile

(2015-12-09, 14:01)gshodg Wrote: [ -> ]Great work Helly - thanks.

I have been using the 'Live Content' for Weather which was really nice. Yesterday when I was playing with settings, I clicked on SKIN SETTINGS > HOME MENU ITEM > MENU ITEM (for Weather) > BACKGROUND TYPE and it changed to "User Select". Now when I clcik on the same to change it back to Live Content, there is no option to do so - it's fixed on "User Select".

How do I change the Background Type for the Weather menu option back to "Live Content"? Thanks in advance.


I am not able to reproduce this behavior. I always have the choices Live Content or User Select as it should.

Did you check what happened after restarting kodi or checking the logfile (maybe there is an error somewhere else).

(2015-12-11, 03:48)thun2002 Wrote: [ -> ]I LOVE THIS SKIN!!!!! Is there any way possible to add custom widgets? I'm looking to add popular movies and tv shows.


Widgets are controlled by an addon service.skin.widgets. If you ask the maker of the addon to update it, I can have a look to integrate it.

Hi All,

I uploaded my first Jarvis version of the skin (3.2.0) to github. I didn't update the repo yet.

I hope some of you guys are already playing with beta versions of Jarvis. I would appreciate if you would be so kind to test 3.2.0 and report issues to me. So you can help me making the skin even better at the time Jarvis is released.

You need to install this version manually. Download zip, extract and copy to .kodi/addons/skin.xonfluence.

CAUTION: Do not install this version of Isengard. You will get a dependencies not met error if you do so !!!!!

The skin can be found here:

Enjoy and thanks for testing.


- Updated 720p for Jarvis
- Updated Textures for Jarvis
- Updated Language files for Jarvis
- Updated colors
- Implemented different OSD color (confluence like) #288
- Updated position of home stats bar (if no global search is installed) #277
- Added Library mode switch for music (like videos) as its functionality disappeared in Jarvis
- Changed overlapping dialog positions on OSDs when mouse is used
- Updated Centralized Fanart folders
- Added option for multi-image timer #251
- Added option for navigating to background images in alternative image folder #238
- Updated skinsettings menu (in groups) #188
- Do not jump alternate pause icon if thumbnail is disabled #244
- Changed implementation of default focused menu item (to solve issues on some systems) #321
- Changed conditions on overlapping artwork on OSD #327
- Added option to hide addon names on home screen #262
- Added option to switch off audio logos in OSD
- Updated picture OSD
- Disappearing home screen arrow buttons when not focused for all home screen widgets #319
- Added option to hide text label in Wide view #276
Just been playing with this, all looks great so far - mind you so did the Isengard version (on Jarvis).
(2015-12-12, 16:01)Helly1206 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2015-12-11, 03:48)thun2002 Wrote: [ -> ]I LOVE THIS SKIN!!!!! Is there any way possible to add custom widgets? I'm looking to add popular movies and tv shows.


Widgets are controlled by an addon service.skin.widgets. If you ask the maker of the addon to update it, I can have a look to integrate it.


When I've played around with a few other skins I have saw it done 2 different ways...

1st example(easiest)...home menu items/Movies widget set/add-on/video add-on/genesis/movies/most popular/use as widget

2nd example...home menu items/movies widget set/custom video addons/ enter the new label: plugin://plugin.video.genesis/?action=movies&url=popular

Thanks Helly! I hope that I explained it right. And thanks for your continued support on this skin!
First Of All Great Skin I like it alot

Second I wanted to know if it's possible to do the following

1. I have my skin setup with movies, tv shows, addons is there a way when it stroll to addons where we could see all addons install on top?
2. When I create a submenu it works good for directory within a addon but is there a way to link a particular movie or stream?

Thank you for your time
Hi Helly
I may be asking way to much here but...... Might you point me in the direction of changing the lookof the widgets to match the hydbrid weather look? Only thing fro me I would like to change and I am having no luck playing around with the xml's. The skin is awesome btw.
This skin is amazing. Worlds better than plain old Confluence!

One minor question/issue: I love the ability to add "file node" shortcuts to the main menu, to go straight to a specific location (Settings-->Skin-->Home Menu, select an item, Videos Menu-->Video - Nodes). However, doing so has the side effect of letting the user browse farther upwards (via "..") than the selected node, all the way up to the root of the filesystem. The same is true if the menu item is added as "Videos - Folder" rather than "Video - Nodes." Is there any way to prevent this?

(Note: I know you can add "Files" as a menu item, and then add a given folder as a videos source - but that isn't quite what I'm after. I'd like to directly add a folder to the main menu, as is possible via "Video - Nodes," but then have the user limited to that folder and subfolders - not be able to elevate themselves out of the directory & browse the full filesystem.)

Any ideas? Smile
Thank you for the awesome skin. Is there a way to make one of my favourites have a home button? What I want to do is use this open android apps from within Kodi. I figured if I make the app one of my favourites, then I could create a home button for that favourite. But I can't see how to choose a favourite in any menu for shortcuts. Any help would be great.
Hi all, I have version 3.1.6 on my Isengard Kodi, should I be updating?
I think that's the last version for Isengard.
As long as you have the repo installed it'll update to the correct version.