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Full Version: Xonfluence (Leia v18.x & Matrix v19.x) (Krypton 17 = deprecated)
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Hello. I just installed this skin as I was looking to create custom home items and that works great. I'm having problems populating them though. Is there a document on how to set some stuff up? I apologize for my ignorance and I've viewed the videos that XBMC Connect made, but that doesn't really help me as all my content is local. My TV shows and Movies are working fine, but I'm wanting to add one for the kids without creating a separate profile for them. When I add their source, it adds it to the Movies instead of the Children home I created, so I'm sure I'm missing something major here. I'd like to just copy the Movies options and have it on a different home menu item with a different source. Is that possible?
Yes, it's possible. Scan all your sources - kids and adults. 'Movies' will now show them all - as you've found - so that's no good to you.
Make a smart playlist pointing to your films and another pointing to kids' films. Put those both on the home screen rather than Movies (you can still call one of them 'Movies' if you really want to).
Same goes for tv shows.
I'll give it a shot. I added my sources under video-files, but when I make the playlists and point them to the sources, the playlists are empty. I wouldn't think this is a skin issue, but an ignorance issue on my part. I'll research smart playlists and make sure I'm setting them up correctly. Thanks for the guidance.


Okay. I got it working. I'll play around with it and see if I can figure out how to have the playlist come up automatically rather than having to select it from the popup. Thanks for the help!

Here's another way...a bit more work but just another way to get it done...

Go to your list that has ALL the movies
For each Kids Movie bring up the context menu and select Manage the select Manage Set
A Kids Movies SET doesn't exist so create one using the Add Movie To New Set button (Top Right of window)
From this point on you will have a set titled Kids Movies (or what ever you title it)

Once all the movies have been added you can create a sub-menu item or a menu item for the set by doing this:

As a Menu Item

Skin Settings
Home Menu Items
Select an empty item
Select Videos Menu
Select Video Nodes
Select Movies
Select Sets
Select Kids Movies

As a sub-Menu item it's done just about the same way.....
Thanks guys! I figured out what I wanted to do once I started playing around. I originally wanted Children, Movies, etc as a main menu item, but I ended up making them sub-menus of just the movies. Works great. I'll do the same thing with TV Shows when I start adding my TV on DVD stuff with my recorded TV. Thanks again. You were a big help.
(2015-12-12, 18:33)thun2002 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2015-12-12, 16:01)Helly1206 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2015-12-11, 03:48)thun2002 Wrote: [ -> ]I LOVE THIS SKIN!!!!! Is there any way possible to add custom widgets? I'm looking to add popular movies and tv shows.


Widgets are controlled by an addon service.skin.widgets. If you ask the maker of the addon to update it, I can have a look to integrate it.


When I've played around with a few other skins I have saw it done 2 different ways...

1st example(easiest)...home menu items/Movies widget set/add-on/video add-on/genesis/movies/most popular/use as widget

2nd example...home menu items/movies widget set/custom video addons/ enter the new label: plugin://plugin.video.genesis/?action=movies&url=popular

Thanks Helly! I hope that I explained it right. And thanks for your continued support on this skin!


I've implemented the 2nd example. (1st example needs to have more knowledge about the addon and is therefore harder to implement as an implementation non exclusive for genesis)

It will be available on the released 3.2.0 version (for Jarvis). Hopefully available within a few days.

(2015-12-15, 00:59)djiz Wrote: [ -> ]First Of All Great Skin I like it alot

Second I wanted to know if it's possible to do the following

1. I have my skin setup with movies, tv shows, addons is there a way when it stroll to addons where we could see all addons install on top?
2. When I create a submenu it works good for directory within a addon but is there a way to link a particular movie or stream?

Thank you for your time


Thanks for liking the skin.

I don't understand your first question. You can select addons to be displayed on the home screen from the skin settings menu. But maybe I do not understand your question correctly.

About your second question. You can do it on two ways.
1. Select your movie or stream and add it to favorites (by the context menu: press c when the item is focused). You can select the movie from favorites is the skin settings menu. You can throw away the favorite later on.
2. Select video node from the videos menu in skin settings main or submenu settings. You can select which filter to use or use file and navigate to the movie or stream.

(2015-12-21, 03:15)CREE Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Helly
I may be asking way to much here but...... Might you point me in the direction of changing the lookof the widgets to match the hydbrid weather look? Only thing fro me I would like to change and I am having no luck playing around with the xml's. The skin is awesome btw.

I cannot install hybrid on Jarvis as it is obsolete. Can you send me screenshot of how the weather widget looks like?

Btw.: I'm not planning to do big changes to the widget look and feel as it is a lot of work. But if it looks a lot better, it is worth thinking about it.

Happy Holidays
(2015-12-22, 01:37)metal450 Wrote: [ -> ]This skin is amazing. Worlds better than plain old Confluence!

One minor question/issue: I love the ability to add "file node" shortcuts to the main menu, to go straight to a specific location (Settings-->Skin-->Home Menu, select an item, Videos Menu-->Video - Nodes). However, doing so has the side effect of letting the user browse farther upwards (via "..") than the selected node, all the way up to the root of the filesystem. The same is true if the menu item is added as "Videos - Folder" rather than "Video - Nodes." Is there any way to prevent this?

(Note: I know you can add "Files" as a menu item, and then add a given folder as a videos source - but that isn't quite what I'm after. I'd like to directly add a folder to the main menu, as is possible via "Video - Nodes," but then have the user limited to that folder and subfolders - not be able to elevate themselves out of the directory & browse the full filesystem.)

Any ideas? Smile


I'm afraid what you want is not possible (or you have to make a scripts that has this behavior). Selecting the folder makes use of the built-in function Skin.SetPath and it's behavior cannot be changed. You can try SetImage or SetFile, but that function only allows you to select one single file. However going back further than the start folder is not allowed.

(2015-12-22, 02:16)brick0044 Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you for the awesome skin. Is there a way to make one of my favourites have a home button? What I want to do is use this open android apps from within Kodi. I figured if I make the app one of my favourites, then I could create a home button for that favourite. But I can't see how to choose a favourite in any menu for shortcuts. Any help would be great.


I don't know exactly what you mean, so can you maybe send me some screenshots?

You can select a favourite as a menu shortcut. I explained in post #352.

Just installed this skin on jarvis beta 4 on amazon Fire tv box. All works fine and dandy but a few things which I guess are a personal taste of mine. Skin helper.. Specially for widgets. Love creating my own widgets from addons. Someone mentioned on here another service that alot of skins are now using.. No need to setup menus etc.. Forgot the name but Omg.. Much needed. I've already got my build setup using aeon nox skin and I'm having to rebuild it using this skin now. Pain as I'm having to open addons to add items to favourites to thrn add them to menus.

Last one.... Clear art/character art on media menus. Why do they cover the whole screen? I can't see the fanart behind them. It would be better if they were smaller. Is that possible?

Apr from that.. Great skin so far.
Hi All,

I'm proud to announce the release of this skin for jarvis: 3.2.0

Now on github and in the repo (will only be installed from the repo on jarvis machines).



- Updated 720p for Jarvis
- Updated Textures for Jarvis
- Updated Language files for Jarvis
- Updated colors
- Implemented different OSD color (confluence like) #288
- Updated position of home stats bar (if no global search is installed) #277
- Added Library mode switch for music (like videos) as its functionality disappeared in Jarvis
- Changed overlapping dialog positions on OSDs when mouse is used
- Updated Centralized Fanart folders
- Added option for multi-image timer #251
- Added option for navigating to background images in alternative image folder #238
- Updated skinsettings menu (in groups) #188
- Do not jump alternate pause icon if thumbnail is disabled #244
- Changed implementation of default focused menu item (to solve issues on some systems) #321
- Changed conditions on overlapping artwork on OSD #327
- Added option to hide addon names on home screen #262
- Added option to switch off audio logos in OSD
- Updated picture OSD
- Disappearing home screen arrow buttons when not focused for all home screen widgets #319
- Added option to hide text label in Wide view #276
- Added xonfluence skin for script.extendedinfo and added button to videoinfo
- Open PVRSideBlade on guide grid view when pressing info button
- Added possibility to add Custom widgets by entering the complete plugin item #339 (2nd example)
e.g. Skin settings/Home menu items/Widget set/Custom widgets/ enter the new label: plugin://plugin.video.genesis/?action=movies&url=popular
NOW it's time for me to start playing with Jarvis!

Thanks a whole lot Helly!


Installed Jarvis and xonfluence 3.2.0

Noticed: When creating a new movie set - it doesn't display the set in the list of sets you can add movies to. i.e. I have several Abbott & Costello movies. Using the context menu to Manage<Manage Movie Set<Create new Set opens the dialog window and allows you to type in and save the name of the new set. When you return to the list of Movies and select another movie to add to your newly created movies set that new movie set isn't displayed in the sets list.

I switched back to the stock confluence skin and repeated the procedure and it worked....might be Jarvis bug, might be xonfluence thing...

Another little problem that's been around from CCM - When you edit the System sub-menu if you do not edit or manually hide items 5 and 6 they will still be displayed.

I like the way you changed the skin settings! I think it makes navigation much easier!
Is there an option to hide the "working" at the bottom right hand corner during video transitions?