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Full Version: Xonfluence (Leia v18.x & Matrix v19.x) (Krypton 17 = deprecated)
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Anyone able to help/shed some light for me

Previously when I used xonfluence on isengaurd I used to make a backup of my setup/build via the backup app and transfer it to my friends box with esfileexplorer and it would copy over exactly the same as what was on my box.

Ive just moved to jarvis and tried doing the same but once copied no favourites/links to addons in submenus or set theme/backgrounds are there.

Is this a jarvis issue or a skin issue does anyone know?
Skin settings in Jarvis are now stored in /userdata/addon_data just as if it were another addon.

I'm having an issue with Javis RC1, v3.21 of xonfluence and Android KK 4.4.2:

In full screen music player with dxspectrum playing while the home menu is visable there is a mini player control panel above the menu bar. While playing a mp3 file if you hit the stop button on that panel Kodi crashes and exits to the Android home screen. This also destroys the menu item for MUSIC. When you start kodi after the crash that item may or may not be on the menu bar any longer. This does not occur with the stock confluence skin. I can supply a debug log if needed.
(2016-01-21, 23:41)flhthemi Wrote: [ -> ]Skin settings in Jarvis are now stored in /userdata/addon_data just as if it were another addon.

Is there anyway that I can do what I previously used to do to copy my setup to other box's?
I dunno about with Jarvis, I haven't tried this yet but I setup everything on, for example Windows system, then just install kodi on the next PC. Then go to the folder in C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming delete the Kodi folder and then copy the kodi folder from the PC that is setup like you want. You have to go through all the system settings once you've done this as you may have to change audio output selection and rename it on each device you copy it to so you don't have two DLNA Kodi's with the same name.

Works across android too.

I just love the skin it got all the right tweeks and looks
Just like i wanted, thank you for that.

Toady i noticed that when you pause a movie the chapter count is hidden behind upper time line.


Can you please fix it?

Thanks again.
IMDB R rated movies are missing the R logo in Media Info. This is a bug since the old skins.

I usually fix it in IncludesVariables.xml. For Xonfluence 3.1.6, its on line 2493.


<value condition="substring(listitem.mpaa,restricted)">$INFO[Skin.String(MPAACertificate)]/restricted</value>


<value condition="substring(listitem.mpaa, R )">$INFO[Skin.String(MPAACertificate)]/restricted</value>

Will appreciate if Helly can include this in the future releases.
Hi All,

As you might have noticed, I didn't answer a lot of your questions lately. That's because I'm very busy with other things.

I noticed that answering all questions takes a lot of time. Therefore I will only answer questions on bug-reports or feature requests in the future.

Xonfluence 3.1.6 is for Isengard, 3.2.x for Jarvis. I didn't spent time on making it work vise versa. So you may try Jarvis on Isengard etc. but I didn't test the behavior. 3.1.6 is not updated anymore. New features are only on 3.2.x updates. I suggest, just installing the correct skin from the repo. The API changed between Isengard and Jarvis, so the skin may work but some features are not available or may make the system crash. Any questions about cross versioning, I will not answer anymore.

Of course the skin is open source and you may try to edit XML files to let the skin behave to your needs. I do appreciate it when you are posting the changes, so it makes it easier for me to implement. However I don't answer requests on changing the XML code to change a specific behavior. Keep in mind that if you change the skin yourself, the changes will disappear during the next update.

Hope you understand.

(2016-01-11, 23:13)spykos Wrote: [ -> ]By the way regarding the holiday option..does it disappear automatically in the options once the holiday period is over ?

Yes it does automatically disappear at jan 6.
(2016-01-12, 06:23)wongnog Wrote: [ -> ]One question: Is there already the option to move Global Search to the bottom (next to Favorites and Shutdown)?

No option yet, but I'll consider in the next release.
(2016-01-12, 09:05)DeanR1977 Wrote: [ -> ]Helly I know you have wrap the menu bar function already but could we do the same with the bar below? Or can someone tell me which line In the xml I would need to change & to what number? Thanks in advance

According to me it already does ...
(2016-01-12, 19:21)panama67 Wrote: [ -> ]Just wanted to say I have tried all the skins and this is my favorite. I love the customization and the kids love the holiday scenes. Keep up the great work.
I have one question, is it possible to change the position of the widgets in the home menu to see more of the fanart or would it conflict with other home menu items?

Thanks Again for this great skin!

You can make the widgets smaller (or disable them completely) to see more of the fanart. I'm not planning to change the possition as it is already crowded on the lower part of the screen.
(2016-01-14, 08:07)gjwAudio Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Helly

1) Do you have any intention of restoring the extrathumbs slideshow feature in Media Info 3 view ? I do miss seeing the rotation of fanart pictures. I have "Use extra thumbs" enabled in the View options panel, but the skin will not cycle through the 4 images.

2) Would it be possible to include Extra Fanart in the same way (ie: images from the "extrafanart" folders created by the Artwork Downloader addon) ?

Thanks Helly, for your continuing work on Xonfluence.

It probably disappeared when updating with the changes in confluence. I'm going to check it for the next release.
(2016-01-18, 11:13)napgiver Wrote: [ -> ]There is some overlapping of the Chapter indicator and the Time played when jumping Chapters. Using Kodi v16 Beta5 & Xonfluence v3.2.1

I already noticed that one. Is fixed in the next release.

(2016-01-18, 22:17)dmcjr22 Wrote: [ -> ]Hey Helly have you ever given thought to have add on shortcuts being able to be placed under the main menu bar instead of on top like how Hybrid is setup?

There is no place below the lower menu and for the default position it is already done.

I didn't plan on changing the lower menu position to be able to do so, as I like it to be as low as possible.
(2016-01-19, 23:28)TheMechanist Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

unfortunately shutdown / power menu isn't working at all. System hangs on "power off", "exit" or "reboot". Replaced Xonfluence "720p/DialogButtonMenu,xml" with Arctic Zephyr's 1080i/DialogButtonMenu.xml - looks like crap but works as suggested.

I tried to edit Xonfluence' file, removed some of the onclick conditions and just left XBMC.Reset() and Powerdown() like it's done in Arctic Zephyrs file, but it didn't help. Only full replacement worked .. I have no idea ..



I agree it looks like it is, but I don't think it is skin related.

Can you check in the skin-settings/ scripts whether you have some alternative shutdown scripts activated?

Can you check (or send me) the log-file?