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Full Version: Xonfluence (Leia v18.x & Matrix v19.x) (Krypton 17 = deprecated)
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Xonfluence vanished original Android Confluence on NvidiaShieTV .Unable to find "original" Confluence for Jarvis. Found a modified version, but not original, which is what I'm hoping to find. Somebody, somewhere has to have an original zip.
Help appreciated. Dead in the water without original, because others are too busy and big

All is well. SOLVED!
For the Skin settings > Background > Multi image can this be pointed at a top level folder and it'll recurse the folders below to pickup images, will it then only use them of a certain size?
I haven't installed Xonfluence yet but wondering if I can point this option at the movie fanart folder under userdata and it'll pickup fan art images of my scraped movies.
Hi Helly

FYI: in your next update, you may want to include a maintenance patch for Krypton-specific code... reason being - since PR:9351 was implemented - the Changelog is no longer being displayed from the Addon Info dialog Sad.

Krypton-compatible add-ons should now be using the <news> tag in addon.xml for Changelog details. The changelog.txt file is no longer supported after PR:9351. This change is not backwards compatible, so add-ons that do not support the <news> tag will not be able to display any Changelog details in the latest Krypton builds.

hi i am using SPMC on NVIDIA SHIELD TV and i am absolutley loving it, i have it set up where i have disabled the leanback launcher so it auto boots into SPMC Xonfluence on startup. Because i have set it up this way, the remote function to reset or shutdown the console will not work in SPMC, therefore i have to reset it manually everytime. I have noticed that the shutdown menu in xonfluence has had the shutdown and hibernate functions removed and i cant seem to find a way to enable it, all i have is exit and skin settings in my shutdown menu. If anyone knows how to to re-enable this or if its been removed, could you please add the function again it will be greatly appreciated
So I am using the Pulse CCM build which uses the Xonfluence skin. I have reinstalled the new version and Specto Icon under both TV and Movie is blank. Each icon short cut under TV and movies takes you right to the TV or movie section, but when I try and replace it under skin settings it only allows me to pick the General add-on.

A example is how Salts TV takes you right to TV section and Salts movie does so with film, how does one set this up with Xonfluence?

Thank you.
You might want to edit your post, so as not to include banned addons.

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Try adding your links to favorites if allowed. If not then use super favourites ADDON and add them to that then into Kodi Favorites.

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Any solution for me. How do I enable the shutdown option and hibernate option in shutdown menu?
I think the shutdown menu is OS specific. I'm running EmbER and I can't get shutdown to appear in the list.

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I get it for Windows devices but not for Android devices. I'm pretty sure that's the way it works.
(2016-06-15, 02:57)SouthernZBoy Wrote: [ -> ]I have been a long time CCM-Helix skin user and I really like xonfluence. I have just one question, were and what xml do I use to change the location of the favorites and power button. I was able to locate and change them in CCM-Helix but I can't locate it in this skin.

did an answer to this ever pop up guys ? ive looked and cant find it so please forgive me if so, im lookling for the xml and lines for the x and y positons of the power and favourites buttons on the home screen..

thanks in advance guys
Hi, i just switched to this great Skin because i love all the customization ability, but can someone please help me out, i will like to change the font color of the homepage addon shortcut text but i dont know which of the files i can locate the home addonset text.

thanks for any help.
Hi all,

New updates for jarvis and krypton.

- Added german language translation (thanks to Rainman)
- Changed xbmc.gui to 5.12.0 in order to be compatible with Krypton Alpha 2 releases and beyond. (Note that this release won't work on Alpha 1 to earlier releases, you will get a dependencies not met error)

- Added german language translation (thanks to Rainman)

Note that these are the final updates until after summer holidays. I know there are a lot of requests. I'll keep them in mind and hope to update with lots of new features after summer.

Happy holidays and enjoy.

thanks for the updates, best skin ever, glad to see it's gonna work on Krypton.
(2016-07-09, 22:04)fracl11 Wrote: [ -> ]thanks for the updates, best skin ever, glad to see it's gonna work on Krypton.

+1, enjoy your holidays Helly Nod