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Full Version: vgm extension problem
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When you add kodi-audiodecoder-vgmstream addon it dont add the .vgm and .vgz audio extension when you browse your library. If you add them to the advancedsettings.xml it then associate it to paplayer which dont know what to do with them.

While examining the git source I noticed that the file audiodecoder.vgmstream/audiodecoder.vgmstream/addon.xml.in contain the LONG defaut line :
extension=".aax|.acm|.adp /.../ .ymf|.zwdsp" but not the .vgz and .vgm extension. If I look at the sid equivalent :
audiodecoder.sidplay/audiodecoder.sidplay/addon.xml.in you can see that the extension=".sid|.sidstream" and this work correctly.

My guess is that this line for vgmstream should be : extension=".vgm|.vgz", I will git clone and compile it for myself. But I think you might like to fix that for the plugin.

You could try to add the extension in the advancedsettings.xml file, and test if Kodi plays the file that way already.
(2019-08-21, 16:34)Klojum Wrote: [ -> ]You could try to add the extension in the advancedsettings.xml file, and test if Kodi plays the file that way already.

I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough, maybe I did try to condensate my text too much. But I tried that, observed the log and see that it is paplayer then that try to handle the file and not the audiodecoder plugin.

Anyway thanks for the suggestion it's appreciated. Now I'm not at home but in a remote shell I will try to git clone the plugin, edit the aforementioned config file and post the results tonight. Hopefully it will fix that problem.
Here is some update, I found that editing the line extension=".vgm|.vgz" then compiling make the .vgz and .vgm appear on the list and try to play them with the decoder instead of paplayer.

Because I'm new to all this and I installed kodi 18.3 from ppa and compiled vgmstream from github, I had to compile a mock kodi from github for the reference and KodiConfig.cmake. Maybe my problem is that I now realise that I compiled a 19.0 preview kodi so the 18.3 cannot load the decoder.

It's late and compiling kodi is quite long, I will redo it tomorrow. In the meantime I believe my duty now is to make a pull request on github to fix that extension line, hopefully the fix will eventually make it to the compiled ppa ?
I couldn't wait for tomorrow and compiled 18.3 with the vgmstream plugin, still no luck! I was reading the source code to understand why the audiodecoder would not play .vgm and realized this plugin is based on the in_vgmstream library for winamp which play a series of video game stream format, but not vgm. Hence the extension list was correct and I was wrong to assume it play .vgm/.vgz streams...
I'm sorry if my mistake made anyone waste some time. For my part, I learned a lot in the process and will enjoy kodi even more because of the experience.