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Full Version: Write access for Milkdrop 2 presets folder?
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Looking for a little help with gaining write access for Kodi 18.3 on XBox One X. What I'm trying to do is load more Milkdrop 2 presets. I found the folder at


but I can't create any folders or copy any files there using the Kodi File manager. If I try to create a folder, for example, the log file just says

  T:6104   ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::Create - Error creating <path/folder>

I did notice that the log file has the following in it during the startup process

  T:6104  NOTICE: Running with restricted rights

I've tried to write to this folder while running Master user profile, and without a profile, but I get the same results. Is it possible to write files to the presets folder? If not, is there a way to point Milkdrop 2 to another preset folder where I can get write access?
Sorry to reply to this year old thread, but has anyone figured out a way to add presets to an Xbox One Kodi installation?