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Full Version: 18.x on FireTV Stick 4k
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I've two issues while playing music from my mp3 library (samba share) using a ftvs4k these day (started using xbmc still on xbox ....)

i) music playback randomly stutters (not too often but at least to get anoying (think I never noticed this on ftvs1 nor ftv2 nor PI1))

ii) though Kodi stays "alive" while watching a movie the display of the TV gets black after ~ 25 min if haven't interacted with it even e.g. with lyrics on and no screensaver set.
Though the screen gets black the playback continues and when I press a button on the remote the default fTV menu comes up and I can "start" kodi again (or better I can bring the kodi gui back while playback continues)

Anybody an idea or hint two improve either of the two? thx!