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Full Version: Can't Navigate to Backgound Photo
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Hi All,

I've recently upgraded my Firestick to the 4K version. All without any problem. I have 3 attached NAS's and have created video sources related to each. I'm using the same Confluence skin that I 've used in 2 previous setups. It all works beautifully. The last thing I wanted to do - what I thought would be the easiest of all was to change the Background jpeg, and so....

I went into system settings / interface / configure skin / background / enabled custom background / clicked on "Background Path"
On the resulting page (entitled Browse for image) I'm presented with 2 options...

External Storage
Root Filesystem

So far so good, however, when I click on "External Storage" instead of seeing my NAS's I get a list of 10+ folders entitled....

etc etc

If I click on root filesystem the cursor just bounces up to External storage. How the heck do I navigate to my required image Huh (which is located on one of my NAS drives)

I can easily navigate to the required image in file manager and display it - no problem - so why the heck can't I navigate to it in "Skin Settings - Background" ??

The questions I need answers to are....

1. Why aren't my drives, which are easily found, and used, in another part of KODI (Add Videos) NOT visible when I click on "External Storage"
2. Why can't I enter "Root filesystem"

HELP !!!
Add your NAS to the file manager so it appears when you open that menu.
(2019-08-24, 22:38)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]Add your NAS to the file manager so it appears when you open that menu.

Thanks for your reply. Could you give me more detail please - I'm able to add the network folder location (where my jpeg is) to file manager - but not an actual drive letter - it's not in the list for addition. But as I said earlier, I can easily navigate to my required jpeg in file manager.
IF I was allowed to select "Root Filemanager" to set the path for background Jpeg this thread would not exist! I'm truly baffled as to why I cant select root in this instance. Thinking out loud - Is it a KODI permission thing? - no it can't be because I can easily access file manager...
I love it when a plan comes together ! - But unfortunately it isn't - coming together Confused

Looks like I'm going to have to came at this from another angle.....

When I click on "External Storage" (as per my OP) and I get the list of folders (as opposed to my NAS's - which are easily accesible by other means - WTF?)
One of the folders in that list is entitled "Pictures" - maybe if I could place my background jpeg in THAT folder - job sorted.
Any Ideas how to do that - exactly ??