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Full Version: Filter HEVC movies?
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Hello all.  Question about possible filtering.  I have several KODI boxes with multiple profiles using a central SQL database.  The main KODI box doesn't have a problem with the HEVC codec, but the ones in the bedrooms can't handle them.  Is there a way I can filter movies on just those KODI boxes from being displayed in the list?  I'm using local .nfo files and the codec is identified so I was thinking it may be possible.  I did a search and I don't think video nodes is what I'm looking for.  Not sure if it's possible, but thought I would ask.  Thanks.
Easiest way would be to use separate source folders.
(2019-08-24, 22:26)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]Easiest way would be to use separate source folders.

Thanks for the response.  Kinda like what I have now with parental ratings.  So I could make a "G HEVC" folder along with my "G" folder and only map the "G" folders on those that can't play HEVC.  That would be simpler that re-ripping some of my movies.  I would prefer a way to just filter them using the .nfo files, but I only recently started ripping and encoding HEVC, so I don't have too many to separate out.