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Full Version: Clock Font (symbolAM="AM" symbolPM="PM")
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How could a different font be used for ante meridiem and post meridiem?
Using 2 separate labels with a different font for each and a string compare to check the system time for AM/PM.

Shows hours (hh), minutes (mm) or seconds (ss). When 12 hour clock is used (xx) will return AM/PM. Also supported: (hh:mm), (mm:ss), (hh:mm:ss), (hh:mm:ss). (xx) option added after dharma
I'm learning. Have to learn about string compare...

Is StringCompare still valid in Leia?

Is "StringCompare" deprecated 2281321 (post)
Sorry, useĀ String.Contains(System.Time(xx),AM) or String.EndsWith(System.Time(xx),AM) instead.
I know from reading through the forum you like us to use our brains. I'm gonna try and figure it with what you give me. If I can't... I'll be back.

Thanks Hitcher.