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Full Version: Changed IP's in my network, now Kodi wont load
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So I installed a new router and wanted to change a few things, so I updated my gateway from 192.168.1.x to 192.168.125.x. I have upddated my fstab and my exports files, as well as advanced settings and sources. Now whenever I load Kodi, it hangs at preparing. What have I missed? Thank you in advance.

ivaveqivaj.kodi (paste)
(2019-08-26, 06:04)Brakiss Wrote: [ -> ]What have I missed?

Probably the fact that Kodi stores links to each of its source/media files with a full path including file protocol and hostname or ip address.
The simplest fix is to change the DHCP pool (gateway?!?) in your router back to the old situation (192.168.1.xxx), as well as fixate the IP addresses of your database and file server(s) in your router to IP's they once were.

Or set up and rescrape your whole media collection according to the new IP's.
or simply change the subnet IP to be 192.168.1 again Wink
Thank you guys, went back to my old DHCP pool.