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Full Version: Custom "Tagging" feature (like video lib)
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I see that you have taken on an additional role and is quite busy. However, the only reward for good work is more work,  may very well apply here, Wink.
The improvements that you and now, @black_eagle, have brought to the music library will make more people want to use it. I already mentioned the sources feature above. In addition, I  have tried the new Boxset feature and really really like it. It has motivated me enough to start tagging my files for it.

BTW, did I observe correctly,  that the "discsubtitle" is present in Picard, but not in Mp3Tag, which I actually prefer?

I am beginning to like the music library so much that it brought me back to this source tagging feature request.
  • Have you given this further thought?
  • How have you decided to implement this?

Could you explain why you would need to tag your sources instead of just naming them "Classical", "Modern", "Jazz" etc.? Seems simpler to me.
(2020-03-30, 05:05)HeresJohnny Wrote: [ -> ]Could you explain why you would need to tag your sources instead of just naming them "Classical", "Modern", "Jazz" etc.? Seems simpler to me.

What he said.  You don't really need to 'tag' the sources with something unless you want to add multiple tags to the same source maybe ?  But you can filter by source or create nodes to do it for you so you can have your 'full' library split into many sections already.  With a little skin editing, or one of the skins that lets you edit menus and submenus etc inside them, it doesn't take much to do it.  With nodes, smart playlists or a combination of both, you'll probably find Kodi can already do what you want.
My apologies for not explaining properly. I thought it was done in the posts at the beginning of this thread.

The main reason is, I use Emby as a central server. "Tagging" would allow for separating the libraries as they are in Emby. Right now everything gets lumped into one source. The sources nodes in Kodi are based on path.

The video library has a custom tagging feature and so, each video library from Emby is tagged with it's Emby library name and it is thus possible to reproduce the video library structure from Emby using smart playlists and video nodes. The same cannot be done with music.

Does that make it clearer?

(2020-03-30, 17:11)LongMan Wrote: [ -> ]Does that make it clearer?

Yes it does.  I'm just curious what advantage Emby gives you over the stock Kodi music library.  I've never used Emby (or Plex) so I might well be missing something obvious but I don't see at the moment the advantage in having one 'server' effectively serving its stuff up to another one.  Is it replicating in part what I am doing with a central MySQL server or am I totally wrong ?
For me it is better than MySQL because
  • Metadata management can be done in a web browser.
  • It offers separate libraries, same as is now present for music, but for videos and pictures as well. The pictures are dynamic links.
  • It offers user management with library access control on the server.
  • Using plugins one can track what users are watching to get similar content for them.
    • I guess that applies if you are like me managing for a family.
Just a few things that came to mind. I haven't used MySQL for about six years so i cannot give a fair comparison.

A more forward looking approach would be to help with https://github.com/Montellese/xbmc/commi...port_music.
Sound interesting... probably especially if you have a larger userbase, i.e. family with kids :-)
@black_eagle, Is MediaImport something that you might be interested in. Keep in mind that it is about content aggregation not just getting media from outside servers. The first implementation is Kodi to Kodi via UPnP. Montellese had started but stopped because he wasn't familiar with the music section and at the time no one was able to help.

Could help with bring Kodi to Kodi online?

@LongMan  I guess the honest answer at the moment is "I don't know".  I don't have Plex or Emby/Jellyfin and I have to admit that I am not a fan of sharing my libraries via UPnP.  It doesn't give me enough flexibility in what does and doesn't get shared between instances.  If I've got the concept right of Montellese's current work it is aimed at being able to import anything as a source and having that source and its contents available in the respective libraries.  I'm not sure how that would translate to the music library as it is built on a totally different concept to the video libraries.  They revolve around file names initially with meta-data coming later.  The music library revolves around the meta-data within the files although for historic reasons it can at a push work with file names.

I have however been following the development thread with interest although I've not looked on github to see what changes have been made to the video db on the development branch.

Apart from content from plex/emby, what other sources do you think might be importable to the music library ?  I'm just wondering what content you envisage so that I can build up a mental picture of how that content might integrate into the music library.
Thanks for replying. In reality it could be any music server or even a plugin for an online source.
  • Subsonic
  • Madsonic
  • Airsonic
  • MPD
  • Serviio
  • Ampache
  • SoundCloud
  • Spotify etc

I do not use any these, I include them for reference. I am not thinking about any external server right now though. I am suggesting that you help with implementing Kodi to Kodi Sharing. Your knowledge of the music section would quite helpful.

I understand that metadata for music scanned is from the files. Even so, having the sharing means that data such as play counts, library updates is available to all instances at the same time.
Montellese has started a Wiki to give some background and development guidance about MediaImport. Admittedly, it is more about what has already been implemented but it should give some body to the concept.


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