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Full Version: Music Visualization Original Source Codec Logo Mod for Aeon Nox: Silvo
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I made a mod to Aeon Nox: Silvo (7.0.4) to display a codec logo for the original source recording based on a user defined Album folder name string.

Since I convert all my hirez music to FLAC I wanted a way to visualize the original source (SACD, DVDA, BDA, DTS Disc, Quad SQ, Quad Reel etc).

I also wanted to see the number of channels which is not correct for Quad FLAC files (since they have silent channels for compatibility with modern AVRS) and Atmos files (that don't get reported correctly in Kodi).

With the mod you get to see a user defined logo and channels. Examples:

DVD Audio converted to FLAC:

DTS-CD converted to FLAC:

Install and information on how to modify the logo 'rules' and logos here: