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Full Version: Where can I find an API set?
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Hi All,

I'm looking for an API set that I can parse through to understand what options are available?  I've gone to http://<kodi IP>:8080/jsonrpc and I see json outlining what appears to be API calls I can make, but when I use what's listed here it doesn't respond.  

some of the leads I've got from investigation is that the bottom the version reads 10.3.0, but whenever I run an API from this set it comes back with 
which tells me the operating rpc version is 2.0.  Another, is that when I look through this list of calls, there isn't one to set the volume.

hoping for someone to point me in the right direction.
Use 172734 (thread)
(2019-09-01, 14:46)enen92 Wrote: [ -> ]Use 172734 (thread)

That's great! I'll get it installed and tested out tonight!