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Full Version: leia: changing label color for categories widget
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Horizon is my favourite skin for use with a large screen TV.

Rather than having a separate sub menu I really like the option to have the sub-menu as a categories widget at top of screen. IMO this is the easiest way to navigate using a remote control.  There is only one downside for me, the colour of the text for the categories wizard is not that visible when view from several feet away (yes this is a function of old age!).  What I would like to do is change the text colour or "<textcolor>" attribute for the categories widget only to something that is a bit more vibrant. 

Because the home brewed kodi build I use supports different skins (different use cases and different family members have their own preferences) I need to amend up the skin.horizon xml files to achieve this - and this is where I get stuck.  I can change the font-submenu but that is a global change, I can change the includes_home.xml but that changed only seemed to change the sub-menu label colour not the label colour for the categories widget and I do not want to change the text color for widget labels generally - just for the categories widget.

Has anyone any suggestions for how to achieve this?
Had a quick look, changing line729 in includeswidget.xml , will indeed change the text colour of the highlighted widget item , but as you say it changes widgets globally not just category.