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Full Version: Intel VAAPI and MVC
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According to wiki Kodi supports MVC only in hardware. Unfortunately, I haven't found there any information about Linux platforms.

In my log I can see that my VAAPI implementation supports VAProfileH264StereoHigh. When I try to play MVC samples from wiki, Kodi switches to "Hardware based 3D stereoscopic mode" (according to settings), but I see a regular 2D image. When I manually switch projector to 3D frame packing mode, the image is like an overlap of bottom and top of frames, but not a proper 3D image.

I would like add, that my hardware is configured properly: when I set Kodi's interface to side-by-side mode and switch projector to 3D side-by-side mode, I do have stereoscopic image.

Is MVC properly supported by Intel VAAPI in nowadays kernel ( ?
No - we don't support it.
(2019-09-03, 07:40)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]No - we don't support it.
@fritsch Thank you for reply
Could you elaborate a bit on your answer? Is it Intel's VAAPI which, despite a profile, doesn't support MVC properly yet or it's Kodi itself? Is there any roadmap for that? Can users help somehow testing beta versions?