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Full Version: PAPlayer Unable to create audio stream
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Not sure when it started, but I can no longer play any music w/XBMC. The following errors show in the log -
06:56:36 T:3072235424 M:2513936384 ERROR: PAPlayer::Unable to create audio stream
06:56:36 T:3072235424 M:2498781184 ERROR: CreateStream - pcm_open, alsa error: Device or resource busy

I am able to play mp3's outside of XBMC with VLC, Mplayer, etc.
Also, do have sound from movies played in XBMC.

Linux Distribution and Version - Ubuntu 8.04
Architecture - i686
Kernel - 2.6.24-19-generic
Install Method - PPA
SVN Revision - 13976 built on July 7
HTPC specs -Intel Core2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz, 4GB GSkill DDR2 800 Mhz RAM, ASUS P5E VM-HDMI Mobo w/Intel G35 chipset
Skin - Project Fluid

Log - Here
Ugggh nevermind found the problem, there was a bad .asoundrc in my home directory. Angry
Another fix, that worked for me ( provided by Aenima99x ).

Copy your working /etc/asound.conf to /etc/asound.conf.bak