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Full Version: Kodi-Addon-FlickrExplorer
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ported from my Plex-Plugin FlickrExplorer (https://github.com/rols1/FlickrExplorer)
  •     Browse and search public content on Flickr (Photostream, Galleries, Albums, Faves, People)
  •     shows videos if available
  •     works with your own flickr username or any other username (no login, only public content!)
  •     Languages: English, German
  •     configurable Cache for slideshows
  •     build-in Update-Modul
    Available on Github: https://github.com/rols1/Kodi-Addon-Flic...r/releases
    Github-README: https://github.com/rols1/Kodi-Addon-FlickrExplorer
    Functions tested Linux/Kodi 18.3, Win7/Kodi 18.1, Android 7.0/Kodi 18.3, Raspi 3b+/LibreELEC 9.0.1
  •     via Addon-Update-Modul
    Enjoy - Feedback welcome.
Downloadlink for Addon Kodi-Addon-FlickrExplorer (V0.6.2): https://github.com/rols1/Kodi-Addon-Flic...plorer.zip

Maybe my first post was misleading, sorry (first line showed the link to the Plex-Plugin-Repo on Github.)
Update V0.6.3 - Image display improvement

 Please use the integrated updater in addon or install new from Github: https://github.com/rols1/Kodi-Addon-Flic...ses/latest
  • The function ShowPhotoObject got a background process for loading pics from flickr. Only the thumbnails are loaded directly, so a photo list is opened much more quickly than before.
  •  Additionally the photo list in ShowPhotoObject was changed - you can start a slideshow from every list element or browse the list via keyboard or  Touchscreen