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Full Version: Kodi 18.4 random crashes on the Shield TV
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I'm having random crashes with Kodi for all v18 versions that have been released so far, even the latest 18.4.

Kodi will load but will eventually crash at random. It may crash in 10 seconds, or in 10 minutes, or event after I've watched a movie for 30 minutes.

The amount of time it takes to crash is always random, the only constant is that Kodi will crash eventually.

It is quite strange, because I can navigate, load photos, play mp3 audio files, or even watch movies, up until the point when it crashes for no apparent reason. I've tried to enable the log file, but after a crash the log has no entries related to the crash.

This happened with the first v18 release and all releases since then. I've been waiting for the "next" version to fix my problem but nothing so far. In case its of any interest, I'm loading files from a remote NAS over SMB (I tried various parameters but none helped). I also installed MariaDB and moved my settings there but that did not help as well. My Shield TV device has nothing else, just Kodi installed. Watching movies from my desktop PC over SMB works fine.

I'd appreciate any help.

Thank you!
What version of android do you have installed. I have installed android pie (9) with hotfix 3 and with Kodi and MrMC, I’ve not had any playback issue. Also running Kodi 18.4.
I've got the latest Shield update (android pie), no root.

What worries me, is the randomness of the crash. It implies a background process is failing? I'm not sure how to debug this issue.
I have the exact same thing on my 2015 Shield.  It will work perfectly for hours and then the screen will sort of jump and then it dumps you back out to the home screen.  I pulled a couple of logs a little while ago but didn't bother posting them so here they are now if they help the devs find the source of the issue.



This has been an ongoing issue with Kodi and the Shield TV for a while.  It was like this on Android 8.0.0 and it continues on 9.0.0 with all versions of Leia.
I am hoping that the PR16116 build will fix this problem, it appears that we can test this build from here:


First I need to find how to sideload the apk via a usb stick or some other easy way, then I'll let you guys know how it went.
I just tried "kodi-20190907-e0bfcd95-PR16116-merge-arm64-v8a.apk" and it immediately came up with a widget error, but I am not sure if thats related to the problem. The rest is the same, it crashes at random with no apparent reason or error.
I believe I found a solution, I installed a nightly build from here:


filename: kodi-20190927-39def32f-master-arm64-v8a.apk  dated 2019-Sep-28.

now kodi does not crash at random and I actually managed to use it for longer than usual. I'll keep testing.
I don't get crashes on my NVidia Shield Pro.  I get the video just stops playing randomly.  It could be 4 minutes or 54 minutes, but it stops like someone hit the stop button.  I had this happen in the past, but it seemed to be the CEC controls somehow interfering (turning them off got rid of the problem).  They're all turned off already now and it started doing it again at some point after the 8.x update (8.0.1 or whatever the newest one is didn't help any).  I don't know if 18.4 KODI specifically has anything to do with it or not.  I've been using 18.4 on a FireTV 4K for awhile now it doesn't exhibit the issue.  It appears to be NVidia related.  It does it under Windows 10 and MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 so I don't think it's an OS issue.
I recently updated to 18.4 on two Android devices, including the Shield from last year. So far it works perfectly for me. However I have not allowed the Shield to update after the first time because it is difficult to roll back and the previous update interfered with some sideloaded apps I consider essential. It is possible (I don't know) that I am not having any issues with Kodi because I have not updated the Shield. As a rule I avoid updates unless I am having a problem because in my experience this can cause as many problems as it solves. With the help of some workarounds I now have the Shield working exactly as I want it to and I have no wish to disrupt that, especially after my first bad experience. The reason I updated Kodi is because I started having issues with the XML programme guide on PVR IPTV Simple client and the update fixed that. 18.4 also generally works well for me on a generic Android 6.0 box though I have encountered some other issues I have posted about, but nothing like those described here.

I should add that I don't use the Shield interface for anything. I do everything through Kodi.
The crashes are back.

The nightly build worked fine for a while, up until the point when I rebooted the Shield. Now kodi crashes like it did before, at random with no error message.