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Full Version: Updating add-ons
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I spent some time over the last few days to migrating my add-on EmbyCon to Python 3 support using the latest test build from this branch.


I am fortunate in that I have purposely kept to a minimum to number of external add-ons I have used in my add-on thus all the changes needed were internal. This also meant I was able to get the add-on fully functional and able to run Kodi 19 (with Python 3) through its paces.

From what I can tell it looks good.

I think we need to merge this and get a nightly out there that people can start updating their add-ons for, having add-on owners start looking at this is going to take time and taking this first step with switching the nightly to Python 3 is going to start that process. Yeah some stuff is going to break but the sooner this starts the sooner it is will be done.

I also posted this in the PR
16116 (PR)