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Full Version: Skip Steps Not Working on 18.4
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Running 18.4 on an KDLinks A400.  I've changed the settings for my skip steps so they should be < 10,60 and > 60, 3m.  Delay is None.

When I click left or right on the directional buttons during playback I see the time slider at the bottom and the video jumps maybe 1-4 seconds either direction.  Multiple cliks just cause the same jump increments.  If I hold the left/right button down longer then all of a sudden the timer skips a random amount of time according to the number of milliseconds I was pressing it.  It's nearly impossible to skip back to hear something I messed, etc.

The up/down buttons only seem to adjust the location of the subtitles (if any) and if I turn them off then they do nothing... unless I have just used the left/right buttons and the time slider graphic is still up, then the down button highlights the chapter buttons below the slider.

The hard chapter buttons on the remote jump chapters I guess.  I haven't played with them much yet, but they seem to jump 3-5 minutes in either direction.

What am I doing wrong?

Also, for reference, I used this FAQ page:
Skip_steps (wiki)
Am I asking this question incorrectly?  I'm new to Kodi and this forum, please pardon my newbness.
This is getting really frustrating... I miss one word of dialog and need to go back to hear it... but I end up 1-2 minutes back no matter how careful I try.  HELP PLEASE?!?!?

Maybe I should ask this... do skip steps work for you?