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Full Version: Actors info from TheMovieDB in Non-English
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Hi all,

Is it possible to have actors info metadata from TheMovieDB in Non-English language?
All language settings is set to Russian in TMDB scraper, but still actors info is available in English. Though official TMDB site has actors biography in my language.
All other metadata like plot, slogan, etc. are in Russian as supposed to be.

Where are you seeing the english information for Actors?

Kodi does not scrape actors biography. It scrapes name and image only. You must be using one of the Skin Helper add-ons which is providing the additional actors information.

Which skin are you using and do you know which add-on it uses for actors information? It is something that the developer of the add-on will need to consider implementing.

It's indeed ExtendedInfo Script Add-On scrapes additional information.
Thanks for clarification.