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Full Version: 2 channel DSF files being sent to receiver as PCM 7.1
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As subject says: I have a lot of stereo dsf audio files. Sending them to my receiver via HDMI they seem to be converted to PCM with 7.1 channels. I'm using Nvidia Shield TV. Not sure if I have set something up incorrectly.

Ideally I'd like the option to just send audio files to the receiver in their native format.

Thanks in advance for helping me understand what's going on.

there is no passthrough support for dsf over hdmi, not supported in kodi, nor is it in the spec. it will be decoded to pcm, then sent to the receiver according to your configuration. you can get 2 chan pcm output by using the 'best match' setting, if you use 'optimized' it will upmix to whatever channel count you have configured.