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Full Version: Regular Kodi Reboots
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I have a VM that is running the generic version of LibreElec on an Unraid Server with a Nvidia 710. Since version 9 of LE Kodi has started to reboot regularly. Its not a full reboot VM just a Kodi reboot. Sometimes its watching TV from my TVHeadend server also on the Unraid Server or sometimes watching files from the Server. I can't seem to pinpoint it from the logs and been slowly tweaking things trying to find a solution. So if anyone can help it would be great as I would love this to be rock solid. I have tried all stable versions and currently trying 9.2.

We use it as our main TV and most nights over 3-4 hrs get 1-2 reboots

It crashed last night but only got to upload the files this morning

I saved the log a few nights ago so have uploaded the full crash log below

The first two crashes were at the times below but there are several in this log all the same.
Please change the picture slideshow screensaver to Black and see if that changes something.
Thanks, I have disabled it and will report back.
Not that it probably matters but the crashes don't happen when the screen saver is active
the backtrace is quite "generic" - nothing in there, therefore I looked at the log and here many pictures are read from a smb share.