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Full Version: Music on Apple
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Hello. I'm new to this forum and fairly new to Kodi so apologies in advance if I'm in the wrong place or my question's covered elsewhere.
I'm running Kodi 18 Leia on a Macbook Pro, version 10.14.6.  I can play music  through my TV speakers via Apple TV, but no artwork or song info is displayed as it was when I used itunes. Is there any way to do this?
Thanks in advance for your guidance.
There certainly is !!

Some skins display more artwork than others, but I think all of them show at least the cover art.

There is some reading here that will walk you through the various steps involved in building a music library in Kodi and getting all the art, album and artist information.

If you get stuck, are unsure of anything or need more advice, just ask Smile
Hello. Thanks for the very quick reply. I'm not sure I expressed myself properly. My library is all set up and working fine with all the metadata including artwork. It's specifically using Apple TV I'm concerned with. It connects and plays fine but the TV display simply says Kodi on Macbook. How it get it to render the album covers, is this a Kodi thing or an issue with Apple TV?