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Full Version: Nit picking
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Hello all

I'm Back..... Laugh

Now that i have retagged all my music, increased my servers to 16tb and made all the redundancies required, and I started to play some music ...finally. Cool

One thing that i noticed  is that many songs are being truncated before the natural ending of the songs. This is not limited to one album or one artist.

The only way forward IMHO is to delete the offending albums and re-rip them again. Sigh

Before i start this massive work (again), can you please suggest what might have caused this so i do not repeat it the same mistake?

I thought do i have too much time on my hands

Thank you
"many songs are being truncated before the natural ending of the songs"

This does seem more likely to be a playback issue than a source one, so before you go re-ripping (and tagging) anything do explore other things. Have you accidentally enabled crossfade https://kodi.wiki/view/Settings/Player/Music#Playback ?

Also try to play one of these truncated tracks on another player, is it all there?

Lastly, try to get a debug log of playback of a truncated track.

Finally, out of interest,  what ripping software did you use?
Thank you for replying so quickly

cross fade is not enabled

I will load tomorrow jriver (if i can find it) and see what happens 

At the same time i will produce a log. I will try before hand to identify the songs and artist so when producing the log the event will be repeated several times

For ripping LPs i use audacity (still manage to screw it up ) (not simple to use for me) via a behringer analog to digital converter. I tried with out much success to just hook in the table to the HTPC and let the m-audio card do the work.  for CD I just copy and paste, sometimes i would use WMP, vlc or in the past i also used jriver to play and save the cd.  WMP was not bad in finding the artist and album most of the times i had to enter them manually. When i into apple I used itunes not great .
Once again Thanks Mate.
Your ripping approach.... gulp! OK, maybe media source is more likely to be cause of the truncated sound issue.

With CD ripping I recommend EAC http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/ - scanning digitally not via playback. The old black discs is another matter, can't help you there.

Playback test - jriver, really?? Can't you just plob the music file onto a computer and use Window Media Player.

But don't rush off to rip just yet, prove that the music file is truncted first.
Audacity is an awesome piece of software but I'm not sure I'd use it for ripping discs or vinyl although I can see why you might be drawn to it.  Not sure you actually need an A2D converter there though.  I just put the output of my turntable through a preamp and into the line in of my PC.  Gotta admit though, it has been some years since I digitised any vinyl.  I still play some occasionally, but I really don't want to damage it so it's not often.  I'm not really even sure why I'm so careful with it, as it's unlikely my kids will ever want to play these albums although I still think an analogue album played through an analogue amp (with EL84's or similar as an output stage) is a much better sound than anything that's digitised.  But that's probably just me !!

On topic !! - Agree with Dave!  Make sure your stuff actually is the right length.  Kodi can show you the length (in time) of each track.  Does Windows Media Player (or similar) show the same times and if so, does the track end early in Kodi but not in WMP ?
I rip a lot of vinyl with audacity.  After recording a side I use "sound finder" (not "silence finder") but it take a few cracks at it chanigng the settings to get decent results.  I still have to fine-tune the track start/end positions.

scott s.
Hello all

I must be cursed

Today my router failed and i had to put in  a substitute many issues with it but i will get through it this morning. I too have not ripped vinyl in a long time and my turntable(thorens 150 Mk2)  is on the fritz. I am taking this opportunity to totally rebuild it and putting it into a cherry plinth and fixing my tonearm.  I still love to play my records on the table

However many thank to you all for guiding me . I will try your recommendations starting monday. I am fed up with these issues and since the weekend shows good weather I will be going on a bie ride

But again thank you all
Ah, old school hi fi... Smile

I have to say I never looked back from ditching my vinyl, after being laying almost unused for a decade both the Ariston deck and record collection all went to charity and raised quite a bit of money for them. I stopped buying records sometime in the 80's, but my turning point was when all of my music was available on CD, so I slowly bought my back catalog. Consequently my CD library (ripped for listening but physical discs kept as a backup) now well exceeds what I once had on the black stuff.  Digital is so much less hassle, and with the right equipment sounds just great. Sure I could make a music on vinyl sound differently by choice of pre-amp, cartridge, arm and deck etc., but better/worse is subjective IMO. Damage to the vinyl certainly affected the sound for the worse, let alone poor pressings etc.  But if vinyl still brings others joy then fair enough.

A diiferent approach @BikerDude could be to buy CDs of your records, so much is available cheaply secondhand. Not saying you ditch the record deck, just have copies and rip those rather than the harder job of digitising from vinyl.

Did you find out if the trucated songs were as recorded? If not then come back and tell us and we will try to help. So sorry about your drive issues, meanwhile enjoy that ride Smile
(2019-10-05, 10:03)BikerDude Wrote: [ -> ]I too have not ripped vinyl in a long time and my turntable(thorens 150 Mk2)  is on the fritz. I am taking this opportunity to totally rebuild it and putting it into a cherry plinth and fixing my tonearm.  I still love to play my records on the table
I've been through this with my fathers' Thorens 145 Mk II and can only recommend it. Haven't played vinyl for years and absolutely love it now. I don't think it is better than CDs but different and fun, bringing back lots of childhood memories. And watching my 8 and 10 year old sons trying to play vinyl, who have never seen anything like this before, is at least as much fun...
Hi all

Sorry I have been very busy and engulfed in setting up emby on my server on my freenas box. Its not a walk in the park for shure. Many issues with permission. I have also installed emby plugins for KODI on my development machine monday and since i documented how to do it and what not to do, i installed it on the HTPC .

I started listening to music only today and so far no truncated songs. Unfortunately my maggies are experiencing some delamination of the magnet to the mylar. This is not good for listening. I found the kits at Magnepan and i found a technician to perform the repairs. They will also rebuild my thorens.

@DaveBlake I am trolling the net to find high quality cd to replace my vinyl. this will becoming a massive investment. Im lucky that most of my vinyl is in excellent condition. So I may just replace those LPs not in good condition with the 320 cds..

My learning from this experience is that 
  • My requirements can be met. ( they are not so far fetched)
  • learned much about tagging (this is a mandatory step before committing your media to server)
  • Learned about the importance of properly tag your media (this will become important when you will build smart playlists. specifically tags such as date, genre, album cover, naming conventions of songs, artists) 
  • Learned about permissions issues between freenas and emby and how to solve them. For those that may interested i will post the solution here below
  • Learned about demarcation of functions between Freenas emby and Kodi (although in many cases overlapping, there are benefits to properly defining beforehand  which solution will do what and when). This will save disk space, time and frustrations
  • interact with the forums. the people in these forums are very helpful and knowledgeable 
For those of you who use freenas, here is what i did to resolve the permission issue between emby and freenas. I strongly suggest that your library is properly tagged before you embark on building such a solution

I deleted the Emby jails and the emby plugin
performed a line command to clean the iocage
iocage clean -a
I deleted the iocage dataset in the freenas storage status
Rebooted freenas
then re-installed the emby plugin
in the jail before adding mount points

Go to the jail shell (I applied this is the solution in the jail shell That was provided to me by an emby architect)
service emby-server stop
pw groupmod emby -n emby -g 1000
pw usermod emby -n emby -u 1000 -g 1000
chown -R emby:emby /var/db/emby(hit tab)
service emby-server start
where the UID and GID used was that of the owners of the datasets. He suggested to create a new user and group id

The added mount points in a vanilla configuration
then selected to manage the emby plugin
added the folders .. and there were all 3 mount points media/music, media/tv shows and media/movies

after 22 hours of scanning now all is rosie in lala land

and it worked

Once again thank you all for helping me