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Full Version: Custom genres: "Science" bug(?); Need for customization per extra input file
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Several users in this forum have addressed the issue of using custom genres, either new genres added by the user or modifications of genres built-in into tinyMM. I am an ardent fan of making the best possible use of genres (ant tags) to make your library visually manageable, and in the course of my using tinyMM I have made the following findings:

1. Adding/modifying genres is easy using tinyMM's dropdown list function.

2. All throughout v2 this was unprobematic.

3. At some point through v3 --I don't recall when but it was after the introduction of the new horrible eye-straining theme-- something got broken. Not too much, but still it got broken. Namely, one built-in genre --"Science Fiction"-- would persist over any addition/modification you wanted to introduce if this modification included the string "Science". I came across this problem because I wanted to mark all my science documentaries with the additional genre "Science". Not possible -- tinyMM would accept and does to this day accept only "Science Fiction" and would override "Science". However, it accepts "Science$", "Science_", and presumably everything which does not include an empty space.

I know the file and database access problems associated with the empty space, but then I tested if the same happens when I try to add "Film Critique" and "Film Analytique", two fictitious new genres which, if the bug was an empty space bug, would have been overriden by the built-in genre "Film Noir". But they get accepted! Go figure...
4. Irrespective of whether tinyMM is or is not faulty in this respect, I strongly petition for the ability to add/modify genres (and tags) per an external file. The current list includes many I never use and does not include even more I need very much. Especially sub-genres in the format Romance.Comedy, Romance.Drama, Romance. Dramedy etc -- to make the administration of your library visually easier.