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Full Version: Change Movies to be appear as TVShow instead, ie: with tvshow.nfo?
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Let me try to explain.. Been using TMM to scrape all media and load into w\ Emby which is locked from modding the metadata.  Love the combination, all the magic comes from TMM tho.  Question\issue comes from my large Documentary collection.  Lots of docos are TV Series but many are also Movies and are scraped as such.  Because of this Ive been maintaining them in different datasources= two sub folders ie: Docos-TV and Docos-Mov.  Was wondering if there is some way to (after I get them scraped) to change all the movies under Doco-Movs to appear as a TVShow instead- so I can keep them together in one folder so its easier to manage and visualize?  Way I do it now works, but to be abke to put them all in same datasource in TMMs dB would be way better for me..
Merging datasources can never happen, since movies and TV are too different to handle.

After thinking for a while, the only thing that could work, is, to only "visually" merge these 2 into one GUI.
But this would mean a complete redesign of the GUI.... for which we never would have time and manpower...