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Full Version: Is there a method for disabliing shutdown /restart?
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OS OpenSuSE Leap 15.1
KODI installed From Packman as an application, not an appliance.

The KODI exit button can be disabled by creating a file advanced.xml . Can disabling of the KODI gui shutdown / restart buttons be achieved in a similar function?
I have disabled the in-built gnome logout and power-off buttons.
I have custom logout scripts  in gnome menu that allow me to to tether additional logout scripts to the systemctl session commands, which is necessary for updating user settings via push to a server when they logout.
Having those same functions available in KODI that have been disabled in gnome allowing users to directly logout, shutdown, restart from KODI bypasses the custom logout, thus failing the updating of user settings to a server at logoff.
Not familiar with your distro but you could remove the user running kodi from the group that controls shutdown/restart?  Button would still be there but no privileges to execute them.  Or udev rule?