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Full Version: Release types inside the Artist
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Currently with the default Artists node the navigation is like this: Artists > Artist > Album.

Is it possible in Leia (with the Node Editor?) to expand the list a bit, like Artists > Artist > Release Type > Album?

I've tried different ways to achieve that but with no success.
Simply no. The node navigation hierarchy Artist > Album is fixed within the code, they all are.
Any chance the answer could be yes in the future?

Not necessarily Release Type, but it could be Genre and even the Year.

I think this feature could be useful especially for the music bands with wide history
Ho you fancy your luck Wink Totally flexible node navigation would be quite fundamental  design change, and not something I am currently planning although somehow have ended up involved with implementing album > (discs) > songs so who knows (that is still a fairly fixed hierarchy).

What I am looking at is better active filtering that works across all node types, and that could be use to provide a similar user experience. Imagine a filter dialog that lets you set mixed criteria based on the properties of any kind of item (songs, albums, artists) then you pick what kind of item to look at and you see those that match the criteria and can switch between kinds of item.

A better grouping facility would also support your needs, so looking at lots of albums be able to group them by album type or genre or year or... So not sure it is really a node navigation issue.

But honestly the stoppper is resources not ideas, only so many hours in the day to volunteer my time for the joy of it.