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Full Version: Alternative metadata solutions
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Hallo guys,
I use kodi from a very long time, starting with XBMC on an Xbox.
I have a large collection of old video files, that I have archived in different locations during the years.
Also, during the time, I changed many Kodi setups and many computers and devices.
I like very much the scraping power of Kodi and I organized the library and all my files in a well organized structure. But of course I have needed to rebuild the library many times.

Now I mainly use a raspberry with Osmc connected to a big disk where I collect all the video that I still need to watch.
After watching, I move the files to a Nas.
I keep this Nas powered only when I archive the files or I want to watch again some old stuff.

This behaviour caused that my library Always misses something.
When I run Kodi without the Nas connected I found all the file inside with no metadata , pictures fan art etc.

I was thinking to switch to nfo file mode, but I should generate folders for each files and I fear to do a mess on the nas. A lot of files are there.

Is it possible to generate a single file containing all information and pictures of a folder ?

I was thinking about creating a file like the “user data” main database or a big single nfo for the whole content of a folder.

In this way, every time the various nas or drives are connected or not Kodi can update the library.

Am I dreaming?
Can I do some other workaround or use some behavior to obtain the same?

(2019-10-07, 17:33)yamaarashi Wrote: [ -> ]Is it possible to generate a single file containing all information and pictures of a folder ?
Yes, you can use the Single File export method as described here... Import-export_library/Video (wiki)

This is like a backup file for all your metadata in your library. Kodi only imports it when you select the import option, it does not read from it like a library database.
Thanks karellen,
this is what I've done different times, but, as is written in the note on the guide, if you just change a drive letter, OS or something else it's easy to get a dead library and having lost a lot of customisations.

I'd like to have the flexibility of the nfo files without having thousands folders and without a dramatic increase of files on my drives.

My idea was to have many videos in a single folder, and a single nfo on this folder, containing all the metadata of the files present there.
But maybe this can produce the very same problem of having a single db backup...
I should try to pass everything on separate files and see if this can be a valid solution for my variuos setups.

I'll study better all the guides you are linking in your signature